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Originally Posted by turf4kansas View Post
I work for a small college in the middle of Kansas and we currently have a 60" Hustler Super Z w/ a 28hp Kohler and a 72" Hustler 3400. We use the 3400 for our large open areas that we aren't concerned about the cut as much and use the Super Z for our sports field(would love to have reel) and nice irrigated lawns.

the problem is that most of the lawns we have irrigated are fairly narrow stretches broke up by sidewalks. We have to do what we can to not shoot clippings out into the street or too much on the sidewalks. This ends up "locking" us into one mow pattern that really works without shooting debris in undesirable places. Obviously, if you're mowing something one way with a ZTR mower you're going to get rub marks in the lawn from your turning in the same spot all the time.

I'm looking to the future and thinking about options that would allow me to rotate my cut/stripe. I've thought about getting into a smaller ZTR or possibly a larger walk behind. My struggle is that while the individual locations are small, we have a large number of them on campus that currently take a couple hours with the Super Z. So I am in need of quick ground transport and avoiding killing myself or my workers by walking forever and a day.

We're not locked into Hustler, so I'm open to any suggestions.

Hustler has a rear discharge deck.
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