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Originally Posted by LLC RI View Post

1. Has anything like this happened to any of you?
2. Have you been call in to competitively bid on a project where YOU are creating your own design for? ( ie.. not bidding apples for apples)

Earlier in my landscaping career, I created designs when I was supposed
to be bidding a project. Later, I realized I was just "bidding against myself."
So, for at least 15 years, I have refused to participate in "bidding" unless there were specifications.

Now, having put the landscaping behind me and devoting my efforts in landscape lighting, already I have broken my own rule. I had an opportunity to give a proposal for an entrance to an HOA (an elaborately landscaped area.) Yep, so what did I do? Gave them a design.
But, I believed I needed to do it to get started.

I can't blame you, George. You probably figured that an extensive proposal with everything explained would impress the judges. I would have thought the same thing.
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