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Originally Posted by Durabird02 View Post
I am not concerned with resale value and I will be painting all of my equipment with my company colors. I only buy equipment I need, so I will not be selling any of it, run it until it dies!
AGREED!! Re sell of equipment is the least of my concerns. We do not have much large equipment stolen but the little items tend to get taken. I actually had a kid on a bike grab a trimmer right off the back of my one work truck and head into oncoming traffic while myself and one crew member were inside eating pizza fro lunch. Could not believe the nerve of the kid. I am in a beach town so there was no way I was going to get him. Not to mention not everyone is a local kid either. My equipment could be in PA the next day.
I guess I am just to fat and slow.

I would say Spray paint name using stencils with company initials or name on frame. Then maybe spray paint some other parts with company colors. ALWAYS record the serial numbers. this may help you guys but around here like I said it could be int he next state in the morning. at least I have the police around here on my side as three of them have small operations in town so it makes them want to find the crooks faster as they are concerned it could be their equipment next!
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