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Hi George. Technically you were not bidding on that job as you were not supplied with a specification to work with. You were certainly in a competition and unfortunately were not selected, probably because the client was more focused on cost than value, longevity and creativity.

The next time you are asked to participate in a similar competition you might want to let the client and architect know that your consultation, design and specifications are not free. Let them know that there will be a charge for your effort and have them agree to it before you begin. If they are hesitant to pay the fee, then you are already ahead of the game as they have just indicated they are more focused on cost than value. You can then proceed to develop a low cost proposal or choose to walk away and move onto more profitable work.

No matter what, don't make the mistake of leaving behind your designs, specifications or project details until you have been awarded the contract or recompensed for your time and effort. Have you ever seen an Architect leave behind his plans while he waits for the client to decide if he will be hired or not?
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