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i was so much involved in the work im amazed i even stopped to take these pics! i need to go back and take finished pics. the units are like 4 or 6 homes in 1. there was 88 individual units, utility beds everywhere, trees, trees, and more trees. Plus like I said I had to do some trimming but that was an extra so i was happy to do it. these pics do this place no justice but i was mostly taking pics of the trucks lol. we worked til dark in these pics and this was close to 8pm. we were mulchaholics!

as for the Vrides I really like them alot. im pretty good on them now so i barely ever tear the turf. only if its wet but if your careful youll be ok. i heard the 36'' was going to rut bad but its all good from what i have seen of it so far and i wouldnt hesitate to buy another.

Today I started to bondo up the truck. and im painting the grill and light bezels black. its guna look sweeeet!

Heres my employee doin work in these pics.

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