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Originally Posted by popeye7315 View Post
thanks everybody for the answer .. but is stupid got a linces and insurance for spray product in my home... if i going to lows or home depot or tractor supply normally they don't know about good product only offer a product just for the brand ..... that why i open this blog here for good answers and people they know what doing ....

please some body know about Bermuda and how keep off weed and good fertilizer in liquid i appreciated the information thanks and have a great day
Ok since your heart is set on liquid your choices are limited. You will be looking at hose end bottle products. Scotts turf builder is a decent mix for the fert and has some iron for nice greening. For the weed control try Bayer products, again in a hose end bottle. These products aren't strong enough to get you into trouble and but the results will be slow in coming. Bermuda needs N almost monthly now. Once it starts thickening up it is surprising good at choking out weeds all by itself.
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