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Originally Posted by Starbuy View Post
EPA also bares some of the responsibility for allowing Imprelis on the market. They are not looking out for me. EPA's investigation on the longterm affects on soil are ongoing and I smell trouble. Dupont is going to have to pay big time in compensation for this disaster and any future problems I may face from EPA and how my property has to be dealt with and subsequent sale. What next, a form homesellers might have to present to a buyer stating possible longterm landscape affects due to Imprelis? Some counties in Ohio already do that kind of stuff with other things. We'll see what kind of offer comes from Dupont, but if it doesn't include my right to be compensated for ALL and ANY future financial obligations regarding Imprelis damage to my property that may be imposed upon me by local, county, state government mandates or EPA then I'll be lawyered up. Already have 2 law firms ready and waiting for my go ahead and hire. Still hoping it doesn't come to that. Collecting any and all EPA and university studies to be ready for whatever.

EPA also bares some of the responsibility for allowing Imprelis on the market. Exactly and if the EPA in turn sue Dupont, I'm sure the information will be available anyway.

I called again this am to Dupont. My blackberries are blooming and dropping the berries before they form. No fungus, no parasite, no blight but a few leaves that are odd looking. They are planted by the back row of trees that are deformed.

Won't be planting a garden no matter how much I'm reassured. Safe for food? It was supposed to be safe for trees. So much for canning and fresh veggies.
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