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I'm glad you're feeling optimistic. I wish the Dupont rep I spoke to was as optimistic about the soil at my property, but they did not have confidence that I would be successful in planting any evergreen in the same privacy hedge area due to the satuation and longevity of Imprelis in my particular case. Could be that the dissipation for my soil is constricted due to hardscape next to it, but not sure. Seems the stuff, which migrated from neighbors uphill lawn had no place to go but into the tree roots. dupont actually recommended I not plant and even had the gall to suggest I just grind down the stumps and leave it be, which would ruin my property privacy. My neighborhood does not allow privacy fences, only iron fences or for privacy, tall evergreens. Still no weeds growing in the lawn or in tree beds. Amazingly affective weed preventer. Too bad it kills trees in certain landscape conditions.
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