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Originally Posted by LawnMastersTN View Post
Does it not get difficult with all different brands? Parts and service and such?
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Not bad. I do all my own maintenance. When I buy a mower, used or new, right off the bat, I buy a couple fuel, oil, and air, hydro filters, one of each belt, extra set of blades, and in the case of my big mowers that I depend on highly I also buy a ign. and pto switch, a front wheel assembly, and rear tire so I'm pretty well set. I make a list with serial #s, plug #s, filter #s, etc. so I have easy reference. I plan on selling the Ferris because it's not used as much and the 66" XR7. Sold the 60" SZ. Want to end up with two or more Gravely 400s and my Encore 36" (plus 21" push mower, trimmers, blowers, etc.). It is nice when things match or cross over but that comes second to finding a good deal on a machine for me.
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