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Originally Posted by gqnine44 View Post
I sprayed areas of my lawn last fall at a heavy rate including around trees that I didn't care about with no negative side effects. Imprellis was used for an entire season in 2010 in test markets with no issue.

I know your property looks like hell and I hope you get reimbursed nicely from dupont. I just wanted to encourage you to keep your chin up, your property will recover - imprellis will not live in the soil forever. It was an unfortunate thing that happened but it isnt toxic dibilitating sludge that will forever ruin your property and everything that tries to grow there. The sun will come up tomorrow.
We had one treatment, I'm sure at the price per gallon, it wasn't over dosed. Toxic diblitating sludge, I like that. My weeds are growing nicely so I guess there might be hope.

Dupont can't tell us how long it'll stay in the soil, do you have an insider? I walked out tonight and looked and mine and the neighbors, my run off has deformed and is killing theirs, they didn't want their backyard treated because of their dogs.

I'm upset over the trees but the blackberry bushes I thought were going to slide through this mess. Nope, flowers bloom and then the berry falls off and it gets crunchy.

Originally Posted by rosewater View Post
Have written two letters addressed to Ellen Kullman and two Dupont reps that have been quoted in newspaper articles. Received a response for both from Dupont rep. First letter requested that two dead 45' Norway Spruce be removed immediately because of proximity to house. Davey Tree was out in a week and took care of it but I still have large roots littering the area. Second letter addressed my loss of privacy on the east side of my house and the poor condition my Balsam Fir and Colorado were in and asked what was the status of my claim. I am appalled and disgusted by the way Dupont has handled this: very little info to the LCO's and homeowners. I should have a comp pkg by the end of May, but I have gotten quotes on cleaning up the area, readying the soil to plant, tree replacements etc but will still line up a lawyer because I believe I will need one. I expect nothing less than fairness and honesty from Dupont but they seem to be missing the mark.
I'm gonna try to work with Dupont on a settlement, the attorneys want 33% not to mention additional charges. We've done all the work already but if I can't get a settlement that I agree with, I'll have to consider it. We'll see. I hate that its taken this long but in a way its been to my benefit to see what else is affected and dying.
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