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Originally Posted by StihlBR600 View Post
I went into a local dealer to test drive the Scag Cheetah and i loved it. It was a 61" 32 HP Vanguard the sticker price on it was $10,799. I was gonna buy in within 2 days so i asked the sales guy whats the best price he could give me because im coming in the next day and buying it. He said $10,799 was the best he could do. I did some reaserch to see how much they go for and $10,799 is the MSRP! I was not about to pay full price for it so I told him i was going elsewhere to buy the same mower since he couldnt give me a better price. And now that I see guys on here, not one person has paid over $10,000 for a Cheetah. So glad i did a little reaserch before buying. So what i dont understand is why he couldnt come down on the price? he wouldnt even give me a free oil change or blades or anything!
Was this the dealer in Oxford, or the one in Highland?
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