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I don't blame those officials who are troubled by the low offer by Dupont. Think about the TRUE cost/value of those trees. Just try to find a landscape professional who will dig nursery stock 49' tall pine, crane it onto a semi bed bring it to the location, remove the existing 49' tall pine and disgard it, remove and treat the affected soil, then use a crane to plant the new 49' tall pine, all for $10,000. Ain't gonna happen. It does not matter whether the property owner will or will not replace the tree, the lost value is the same in regard to the law. Plus, the fact the property owner will be responsible for any further soil problems the EPA may deem a problem, since agreeing to Dupont's deal means relinquishing them from further responsiblity. That's why so many are finding Dupont's offer woefully low for the true value of loss and responsibility. A lot for us to consider.
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