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Originally Posted by White Gardens View Post
I just want to say that I'm not trying to be negative about LS per-say, but more an open discussion as to what we see as the "consumer".

I like this site for information, and honestly I would turn my blocker off if it wasn't so darn annoying. The pop-up adds for sure have gotten out of hand (at least it feels that way being a member since 08), especially when you change from one Section to the next, such as to plowsite from here, or the design/build site that I frequent (which doesn't see the traffic since they segregated it from LS).

And it's a shame, because occasionally I turn it off to see what is offered, and I'm possibly passing by great products from the site sponsors not seeing it constantly.

All in all, I'm just saying it is just too much advertising bombardment that really gets to me. And to be fair is all around the web and not just here.

this pretty much sums it up right here. i like the ads, but what he said
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