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Originally Posted by Kelly's Landscaping View Post
eehehe the 10 dollar lawn price on Craig's list is the reason and only reason you were drowning in calls. Most people know better and know its foolish to charge that little and realize your committing business suicide but still will hire you and save while they can. As for the heat if your sitting on a mower its not so bad but if your walking behind one it will become devastatingly clear how much of a disadvantage mowing that way is. Now we have 180 accounts atm some bye-weekly so we do 160-170 a week that brings in over $5000 and we do that in 3 days with just 4 of us. Can you start to see the advantages of ztrs and hydro walk-behinds now.
The advantages have always been clear as day to me, but it's just a matter of getting the boss to shell out the money for it. I keep hearing "we should get this, and we should get that" from him, but haven't seen any "action" as of yet. Last I heard, he dropped $800 on Thursday this past week for a couple Berchmeier backpack sprayers for my supervisor to use on his weed control accounts. At least someone's getting some upgrades around here. I'll get mine as well, all in due time.
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