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Use a website template service like Weebly to build/maintain/update your own website.

Angie's List has been good to me.... and a customer does NOT have to "put' you there or review you to get on it. That's false info. Once you are on Angie's List, you may have to do a bit of leg work (nothing major) to get reviews to come in (they give you some tools to do this, free)... I have 20 reviews and the exposure has been great.

Craigslist (at least around here) is the worst, most low-rent type of advertising- only scrub lawn guys fighting over who can do it lower.... I suggest staying away.

Quality work and referrals!!!!

Skip the phone book completely. Total waste of money (IMO) and the salespeople will HOUND you for years.

OH, and NEVER offer "free" cuts or reduced pricing. Next thing you know, word gets around and you're fighting to keep alive because all the discounts and eaten up your profits. Start offering "free" cuts and next you'll be figuring how much you have to mow additionally to make up those costs.
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