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Originally Posted by DanaMac View Post
Not sure what "c.s." means.
When a homeowner is an engineer in another field, and installs their own system, it is almost always crap. they either over-engineer it, or it is a completely laughable experience when I am there. I love it when the H.O. right away tells me he installed it himself, and he is an engineer. #1 - they are so proud of it. #2 - it's hard to keep in all my criticism.

Had an engineer H.O. last week trying to tell me how to test for voltage on a stuck valve, when I know well enough it is a diaphragm. Especially when I have the controller unplugged. He thought it needed a second signal to shut down the valve. It's not a latching solenoid.
You know, I bet I could rip your work to shreds if I wanted too, and place you into that very same category of amateur hack pretending to be a professional. Is it really necessary to rip some HO (and a dead one at that) and new one on a public forum? Of all the shallow petty bullshiit ........
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