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I'm not gonna bash another brand so bad like some on here do.
But, I have a Lesco 60" with a Kawasaki 25 and it's as good as any mower out there. It's made by Cub Cadet Commercial.
It's got all the same components (pumps and wheel motors) and a quality engine.
I was biased when I first got on here about 10 years ago because everyone bashed Lesco aka Cub Cadet Commercial.
Gotta realize there are a lot of people on this site and not everyone is informed.
My mower is the same as the Cub you're looking at except I have a bigger deck.

Just a side note.
I got my mower from a big landscaper that tries a lot of brands constantly.
He didn't like the cut so he sold it to me.
I ordered blades for it and discovered he put really narrow blades on it and he was right, it cut like crap.
When I put the correct 3" blades on it, it cut just like my Bob-Cats.
I've been using it commercially for 4-5 years now and haven't had to do anything other than routine maintenance on it.
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