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Originally Posted by John_DeereGreen View Post
All I run is M48's and Cub Commercial walk behinds. They get run hard day in and day out all day long, and mine all have more hours on them than competitors Gravely's, Scag's, Toro's, and eXmark's without any major failures.

Anyone that doubts a Tank has either run the cheap homeowner Cub models, or went into it with a biased view.

Expecially for that kind of a price difference, AS LONG AS it is an actual M48 and not a "Recon" or one of the other homeowner models, there is no question or doubt in my mind I'd buy the Tank.

Actually, where are you located and where is the machine? If you're not interested, I sure am!
I would never dought a mower that is capable of interstellar flight, let's get Envy in here to chime in on this.
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