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Originally Posted by clcare2 View Post

So if you need to be reassured that you do good work, or if I seem a little peeved that you want the evening off, or maybe the schedule changes in the middle of day. Before you blame me please look in the mirror. I don't need the stress of wondering if my employees are feelling emotionally full-filled.

One more thing, this one ticks me off. You took a job in an industry that is seasonal. You knew this going in. If you are unhappy, leave, it would suck to lose a valuable employee, but we are in a recession. I have a stack of resume's and application's 3 inches thick and growing daily on my desk. And for the first time ever, they are all qualified, some of them way over qualified. All looking to take a job making less than I pay my people now, just so that they can have a job.
I get at least three cold calls a day from prospective employees,
go ahead call in sick, late etc.
unless you have been with me for years it will probably be your last day.
sorry but it is what it is.
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