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Originally Posted by deere615 View Post
where at off mt nebo? I had an email for the same thing from a guy tho to spread 10 yards and my price was the exact same haha
No, it was in my home town of n. huntingdon. This year has been tough, last year I was selling jobs like no tomorow. I was busy from april till july, then it slowed down some. This year I have been busy since the end of march. At this rate though I wont be busy until july. I was getting 3-4 calls a week for estimates the first few weeks of the season and was having a hard time landing jobs. My pricing hasnt changed. Im fairly priced, im not to high but im not any were near low. I continue to get work through word of mouth and previous customers which I guess is a good thing. The landscaping supply place I buy my stuff from always kicks me customers. I dont know if your pittsburgh guys are having problems like this or not. I will say I think I have seen more lowballers this year than previous. Still though. I got a really good grass route this year. There all easy yards, and profitable. I got rid of my unprofitable and untollerable yards. Maybe its time to start advertising some more ill make that decision in a few weeks. Btw deere I sent you a pm.
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