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[QUOTE=Lawnguy8478;4412626]Dupont said the were taking care of the removal. It is very easy to replace 9 45 ft spruces for 93k. QUOTE]

If you know a nursery that sells 45+ foot tall spruces, delivers, removes old, replants new, re-landscapes what the crane destroys for under that amount (since min. 15% of that 93k is for compensation for time/trouble) please PM me. I'm in Ohio. Thanks.

Also, you were smart to just use Imprelis to spot treat. My neighbor's lawn was totally sprayed. His lawn still looks fantastic and has no weeds. The beds where my trees died are also still weed free. Nothing can grow there yet. Seems each property has it's own satuation and thus dispertion rate. I'll certainly have to wait before I let anyone attempt to replant.
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