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Hello everyone, new to the site but have been following your thread for sometime now since our property was also sprayed last June with imprelis. We have 54 trees that have now died and are dying. We live in Ohio and have filed our claim back in August. Dupont visited our property, which is residential. We have so many trees that surround our property which is a shame they were just starting to fill in nicely and give us the privacy we wanted. we have/had all white pine and Norway spruce. We have not heard from Dupont on our settlement either. It's a shame we waited almost a year. I just wanted to thank you for all the info you have shared. Like one person said I have gained more info on this thread then on any other dupont site or speaking with their reps. I spoke with them again last Friday and they tell me our settlement is in the final stages of being written up? It's hard to watch our trees die each day, and brown, twist, break off branch by branch. Please keep the info coming and any news if you receive your settlement. I am not sure how they will handle the amount we have of 54 trees, I know our yard will never be the same. I will try to attach some pictures. Look very similar to starguys. Thank you again for all the info you all have provided.
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