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Originally Posted by Tree Lover View Post
Thank you Starbuy. I see you are in Summit. We are not far at all. We live in Wayne County (Wooster) you also have extensive damage then? How many trees have you lost/losing? It's a shame I read that your property was due to a neighbor's spraying of Imprelis. We had ours sprayed and have no neighbors on either side of us, so luckily no others were affected. We are very concerned due to the amount of trees we have and how it will ever be fixed. Dupont has stated we have the most trees affected on a resident property in the Wayne county area. Not sure if that is why ours has taken so long or as you said because we live in Ohio. Do you think because of our TREBLE law they are being cautious to do the right thing or do you think because Ohio has had the most damage?
I 'only' have 16 that need replaced which is certainly not as bad as your situation. My whole west side that is dead was also my only privacy hedge from neighbors and my wind hedge during the winter west to east gusts that cause drifting. So the impact for my property value has been depreciated. My neighborhood is very formal and everyone landscapes with pros. My property stands out bad.

I agree that Ohio has a huge amount of damage compared to other states, from what I've learned. Imprelis was heavily marketed to Ohio LCOs (Ohioans are known for wanting perfect lawns in a fanatical way) and Ohio has mixed weather. We can go quickly from lots of rain to dry spells in summer. Also, Dupont surely has to keep in mind each states laws and what it will mean if more property owners head to court in states where Dupont will be penalized the most (district court moves the separately filed cases back to the state of origin if the plaintiff reject the settlement offer at district level/class action). But according to Davey Tree reps I've spoken with in Ohio, Dupont is still lowballing some of the first offers in hoping some who are less informed about true costs will just accept it. Some condo associations are heavily relying on their LCO's to 'take care' of everything and those are the type that just have communal property and thus less personal loss so they may accept the lowball offers too (just my guess). Some cities are accepting first offers, but then not replacing trees. That doesn't help most homeowners who will want to relandscape to get back the privacy and look they had before.
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