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Originally Posted by tonygreek View Post
Years ago, I worked for a well-known company of 40,000 employees and used to take breaks every time my group's smokers took their multiple, daily smoke breaks. I received a warning for doing so, which thoroughly amused me as the smoke time was neither accounted for, nor made up. My role with the company was web development, and I had built the company's internal time-reporting web site, and on my last day, I added in time codes for smoke breaks that equated to vacation time. I wish I would have kept the frantic voice mails and emails I received when people started noticing...

We have a guy on our team (works out another office) and last time he was here for training he would run outside to smoke every time our training facilitator gave us a restroom break. Not to mention he drinks Red Bull like it's water. He's a ticking time bomb...
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