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Originally Posted by THEGOLDPRO View Post
He got smart and bought a dodge.
Close actually, almost pulled the trigger on an '07 Dodge.

I actually bought an '07 Chevy 3500 with a flatbed. Found it up near Omaha. Actually went there to look at the Dodge and happened upon the Chevy by accident. It's in really good shape apart from 1 dent on the passenger side fender.

It's a Work Truck trim but has 4 wheel drive, the Duramax/Allison combo and a mid-PTO...and, only 18,000 miles!! It's pretty much ready to go. I built some sides for it and painted them yesterday, now it's just a state inspection, registration and lettering and it will be put to work.

Here's a few pics as it was when I picked it up, I'll try to add some more once it's finished.
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