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Originally Posted by DVS Hardscaper View Post
You do not fix standing water issues with "sand" and "gravel". Oh my heavens.

Water issues are remedied:
1) proper grading. Sloping the ground accordingly to ensure positive run-off.
2) drywells. And perforated flexible drain tubing
3) drain boxes such as Duraslope

I'm on a jobsite lookin at your pic on a 2x3.5" screen. I'll take a look again tonight on another computer and will advise intelligently.

Also need more info from you. the pics are of the sideyard. Are you putting the pato on the side? How bout pics of where the patio is to go? Along with pics of the lowest point of the yard? Is the front lower than the back?? Where does the water go now? Please elaborate. Also, we're all busy, it's hard to sit here and envision your overall plans and site. The More pics and details - the better feedback you'll receive


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This is the backyard. We plan to remove the landscape timbers and mulch and put the pavers right up to the house, the full length of the back of the house and then out to the fence (leaving about 18-24" of space to the fence for landscaping). The lowest point is probably right in the middle where the puddle is and then the plan is to drain it from the far end of the pic back towards the close end of the pic and then down a little slope towards a creek....
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