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Originally Posted by tomsyardcare View Post
I charge by the hr. because sometime you have to wheel the mulch a long ways to get to the beds. Also if there is edging and weeding involved. That will add time and even more time if the job is done later in season say like June. All those weeds have had a chance to sprout up, as opposed to mulching in April before the weeds arrive. I usually add %0 to the job and hit the beds w/ Preen
or I use Lesco's version. It is a pre emergent weed control granule. It helps good luck!
I charge by the yard (as above) and then add my hourly if there's edge defining and weeding.

Just sold another job. 2 yards with a bunch of weeding for $300. (for Sat. the 26th) No edge defining. It'll take about 4 hours to completely weed and the mulch time is already included in the $65 per yard (roughly 1 and 1/2 hours). So after all's said and done I'll pocket $240.00. I usually try and hit the $45.00 hourly rate and sometimes try and squeeze in $55.00. So far it's been paying off REAL well!

What is your hourly rate if you don't mind me askin???
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