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I forgot to put the pic up of the Made in U.S.A sticker. Richard Martin would be proud. Kidding aside it is amazing. After mowing all day with the 33" cub I would come home wore out cause you have to manhandle that thing. This mower does all the work for you. The controls took me longer than they would a person who has never rode a motorcycle. Motorcycle you roll the throttle back to go forward and this you roll forward to go forward. I don't know why it gave me trouble but I had it outta my system after playing in my yard for about 30min. I told my mom (who is 48 shhhh, don't tell her I told) I bet I could put her on this machine and she would be mowing perfect in no time.

My only complaint is it's a little light in the front. Roll that throttle to fast and the front pops up and when going up a slope you have to take it easy to keep it from popping. It could be just me though and not entirely used to the controls. I know when I first sat on a ztr, I musta looked like a monkey humpin a football to anybody watching. I'm sure with more practice this mower will be like an extension of my body. I'll know exactly how to feather the controls to make it move the way I want.
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