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I got it yesterday and played in the yard. I mowed my accounts from Thursday today and I can see it is really gonna save me time. I cut everything in about the same time today and I was still a little awkward. Like I said though, I know with practice it will be second nature. I noticed as the day wore on I was getting way better. I also have the Velke X2 for it. The dealer gave it to me and installed it at no additional cost which I thought was awesome. I took it off cause I walked every yard today and it kept banging my shins hanging there. Once I took it off I noticed I was running the machine better. I'll probably only use the Velke on one yard. I like to walk and the Velke was hard on my knees and feet but you can go faster unless you want to jog behind the mower.

This is my first hydro walk-behind. Maybe you guys can shed some light on this for me. With the Hustler I got instant reverse I just roll the handle back. After thinking about it this mower is very similar in how it is controlled to a ztr. push the sticks forward go forward let go of the sticks they go to neutral pull the sticks back you go back push the left stick forward you turn right push the right stick forward you turn left. When I looked at an Exmark with the ECS controls it looked like you set it at the speed you want then used braking or slowing of that drive wheel to turn. What do you do when you are in a tight area and need to go up and back only a few feet? I'm not trying to start anything. I really want to know.
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