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I completely agree. I don't understand what takes so long. It's a pretty simple computer program to take the ratings on the trees, factor in the size and species, and multiply by a established dollar amount. And they had all winter to get these into that program so once they decided the trees are not getting better, it should be as simple as pushing a button that spits out a form and mails it. But then, I'm not surprised because, after all, this is Dupont we're talking about.

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As I read this forum daily and I wait to hear anything from Dupont, I have to wonder if we are missing something. Why would a company as large as Dupont announce a settlement program, gather information about each claim and then stop all communication with affected persons and stall process for months. Are they waiting for a court decision somewhere? It seems their main objective at this point is to anger and frustrate the very people they will have to negotiate a settlement with.
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