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Client wants a better yard

I have a client that had Centipede about 4 years ago(before me), but is now pretty much gone because of weeds, his soil is horrible and swampy. He's never had the lawn fertilized or anything(pre/post emergent, herbicides, etc.). The guy just watered for 4 years. Now his lawn is just weeds and really looks bad. He has so many inconsistent weed spots, I'm almost ashamed to bill him. I gave him a few ideas.
#1. Fertilize/treat and hope the Centipede comes back.(90% weed now, big hope)
#2. Take up existing lawn and replant sod again
#3. Cut existing grass really, really low and replant sod on top of that.
#4. Take up old grass, seed.

He hired me to cut the lawn, but this was damaged when I started. So why do I feel so bad? When you all take on a property, do you automatically treat it and fertilize it?
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