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Originally Posted by williams lcm View Post
I have been cutting my St. Augustine at a healthy 4.5 inches. I have to put a brand new edger blade on and feather the edger up and down to cut a clean edge. It looks like a thick carpet and when I blow out the edge I make sure it is a nice deep groove. It makes the grass look so deep and thick from the roadway. I think next week I might try cutting it a little higher. Maybe 4 3/4 or 5 inches. Or even cut it in transport mode. It gives it a unique look and all the neighbors want to know how to get that look. I can get some stripes out of it. Anyone want to share some pictures of your St.augustine lawns cut 4.5 or higher? I know some people think it is just crazy to cut it that high but it give a different looking lawn than cutting 4 inches or below. Please share your pictures. Thanks
Can you post some pics? We cut Floratam at 3.75-4 .. usually nothing over unless needed.. our yards seem to thrive at that height. As thick and tight as their fert/pest budget will allow.
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