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Results are very promising. I just wrote about it on the SumaGrow (Sumagreen Turf) one which I meant to write it on here but doing what it says and so far so good. Good time to get product that works with priced going up on fertilizers. Trying to get caught up on these emails with the rain day.
Anyone else seeing results yet? Also what was your rate that many of you applied it on at? Majority of the ones I treated I did the 2 oz but then I went to their website and saw --- New Lawns (Again DOUBLE application for ONLY first application) ---
I copied right from website . What I am not sure about is are they talking about from NEW SEED (new lawn) or a virgin lawn that has not had the product on it yet? Either way I did not use 4 oz on first application but I did use 3 oz on a few that needed some extra help. What I noticed is that they are responding a little faster. I was wondering this as maybe if I used the 4 oz on first treatment if they would be greener already.
--Rainy here in NJ
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