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Cindy, I'm glad you posted that article link about those who accepted Dupont's offer not receiving a timely check. I was about to post it, but you beat me to it. I will not not approve any offer from Dupont unless it stipulates not only proper compensation but also a deadline on when the check would be issued. They want us to approve their offer within 30 days, so it's reasonable that I require them to send the FULL payment within 30 days of receiving the approved offer from me (if I do approve that is). I don't care how many claims they have, companies are used to billing people and expecting payments in 30 days, that's normal. If we have no guarantee of a deadline for payment in full, they could make you wait a year or maybe more and we'd have no recourse since we signed that we wouldn't sue them. We've got to really watch them and if they don't make things fair then forget this whole direct resolution process. I'm not waiting 5 years for a payment. I'd rather go to court and let the law make them pay and then I'd get punitive damages as well, along with probably treble (triple) compensation.

They might as well not even send me an offer if it does not have a time limit on when they have to pay me in full if I accept the offer.

If anyone or any LCO has clients who've received an offer, please let us know if that offer had any payment date from Dupont specified or any timeframe guarantee. If they don't have that I'm surprised anyone would sign such a basically worthless settlement.
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