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Originally Posted by PeterA View Post
You would think there would be some demand, but we have found very little on the 21 inch side. Very few people will pay $600-$700 bucks for a mower, then $275.00 for a catcher, even if it pays for itself quickly in higher productivity.
You obviously see the benefit, and are thinking of it from a business perspective. Not many do.
Peter I currently have 3 of your baggers for my mowers and think they are the best .I don't really use the 21" mower a ton but when it's used is in usually the worst conditions where bagging is needed just for the sheer time savings .Where discharging or mulching just makes more of a mess by clumping green slime all over the lawn and theres no way to get rid of it.I want to cut once and be gone.Your bags have been proven to breathe great aiding in great suction .Another Ls member commented recently about what a diff.your bagger made on his mower in adverse conditions and it sparked my interest.I really like the thumb control on my HRX over the cruise control system on the HRC so I'm not looking to switch to an HRC.It's not about money but about comfort and ease of use.Saying that I have dollar bills for you if your willing to make a bagger for the Hrx and yes I will evaluate and start a thread on your behalf on the unit like I have done before.Thanks Norm
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