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Originally Posted by shovelracer View Post
Will you be fencing it in?
No, I was going to plant rose bushes or boxwoods as a deterrent. My boy is only 14 months and nothing will completely prevent him from always being covered with bruises.

Originally Posted by shovelracer View Post
At least if you forked out a few hundred for the engineer you would know what certain dimensions to use. Sounds like you could pay for it out of the money you intend to use for overuse of geogrid and buried stone.

Agreed, but my decision to do this was recent. The equipment rental store is only charging 1.5 days for 3 days since they are closed for the holiday. I have the time and I was getting a deal so I switched into "obsession mode" .

So here I am. Trying to learn how to build a wall, buy the materials, rent the equipment and start building it all in a weeks time.

FYI - last week I didn't know how to use a chain saw and I ended up buying one for cutting down a 60ft tree that was 30 ft from my house. (the stump in the pics)

I don't have hobbies, i have obsessions.
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