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Originally Posted by Ric View Post

Any good plumbing or irrigation Book will have FRICTION LOSS CHARTS FOR PIPE. Google FRICTION LOSS CHART FOR PIPE OR HOSE ETC. Hose will have more friction loss because it has more twists and turns etc.

As a one time Irrigation contractor I started sizing Pipe from the Farthermost point. As I came closer to my water source the Pipe size increased because I had more sprinklers on the line. The point of reducing pipe size is economic if you don't need 400 GPM at the far end.

Thanks Ric, but friction loss is not what I am referring to, although it may influence the answer.
An example of what I am wanting to be able to determine in future projects:
You have a 1" ID pipe through which is passing water at the rate of 500 gph at a pressure of 30 PSI. You reduce the pipe size to 3/4". What is the new PSI? What is the formula for arriving at this answer?
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