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Since we're showing rain sensor photos lately, here's one for a new HOA system I took over this year. Sensor attached to the side of the Hunter Pro-C, behind the 4' wall at the community entrance, underneath the branches to the tree.

Lots more to do at this project. Some zones have 10 spray heads, and some have 40+. The 40+ zones are very weak, so I'm proposing changing nozzles to Toro Precisions. Some of the wires leading into the controller go through the conduit. Problem is that as zones were added, they would just pull apart the PVC fittings leading into the controller, and fish the wires through between the fittings and pipe

Pete - I will place an order soon for tails. I had to install two 12 stations on this one and one one other. I'll replace them out later in the summer.
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