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Imprelis Resolution Agreement

Hi Cindy

What I meant to say and perhaps was not clear, trees equal to or less than 20 feet in height are not being treated fairly in the DuPont resolution process. In Michigan, for example, I contacted about 5 or 6 reputable tree sale operations and received prices for trees 20ft and under. I calculated the cost of replanting and disposal of toxic materials etc. Then I compared those values to several Resolution agreements I was asked to review. In each case, I had to recommend that the property owner get local pricing, consider the extra removal and installation costs, repair to turf, landscape and hardscape features etc.

I know what Dupont is offering for trees less than 50 feet tall for some species. I don't know if DuPont is using this valuation scale for all species.

I do know, for a fact, that Imprelis is still active in the soil and still causing injury to trees including many hardwoods. And yes, your roses may be impacted. I have seen many damaged roses with odd shaped leaves and yellowing consistent with a damaged root system.

Do not discharge grass clippings on flower beds or around trees. Blow the clippings away from plants if possible. Remember, DuPont has warned up not to mulch with grass clippings, well, if you discharge the clippings onto flowers what do you think the results will be? And why is DuPont warning everyone to completely remove all plant material from trees and plants they are cutting down? And warning not to put in compost or mulch sites? Think about it? They know their chemical Imprelis is still active and cause injury.
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