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[QUOTE=cindyb;4421189]Welcome to the conversation AC.
Trying to understand your statement that trees under 20 feet tall aren't covered for replacement? [QUOTE]

Dupont is offering to compensate for replacement is not enough to actually take care of replacement, which is what I also heard from Davey Tree. They also confirmed to me that the first lowball offers from Dupont are no where near what they need to be in order to do all the work that needs done on most properties in removing and replacing trees.

Everyone waiting on an offer from Dupont for Imprelis damage compensation really needs to get ALL the estimates from private contractors (not the LCO who used Imprelis) for everything from tree removal, high quality same size tree replacement (and really larger since many have lost growth they would have had by the time compensation might arrive), all landscape beds and lawn that gets ripped up needs repaired, electricians that need hired to re-lay any utility lines that must be removed and replaced to your house in the digging process, and any other circumstances for your property. And, for some you'll end up displaced from your home since you won't have electric, phone, cable, etc. during the time utilities are affected. I'm bringing in my home builder to help assess this as well.

Be careful not to undervalue what your true loss is, but if you just have trees and shrubs around that you don't care to replace then maybe you'll be satisfied with the initial low offer from Dupont. That's what they hope for in sending out these initially insulting settlement offers. But this is the way most things work in settlements. Negotiation is normal, but in the end many of us may have to just resort to the courts for help. Just like Apple and Samsung who are in meeting right now as part of a court ordered settlement talk to see if they can agree before they continue back to the courts, which they probably will unless Samsung agrees to not (allegedly) copy Apple's products. These things take time and unfortunately it's affecting our homelife, our quality of life, our time and our property values. Dupont must pay for all of this, in my opinion.
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