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I just read that settlement agreement you posted. DuPont is lying about imprelis impacting ground water.

Here is what they were quoted as saying:

Aminocyclopyrachlor does not pose significant risks to human health or groundwater contamination, DuPont spokeswoman Kate Childress said.

"Contamination of well water by Imprelis is highly unlikely," Childress said.

This is what their EPA Regsistration document says on page 13:

1.3.2. Environmental Fate
Aminocyclopyrachlor is non-volatile, highly soluble in water, and highly mobile to mobile in
soils. Dissipation in the environment is expected to occur predominantly via aqueous photolysis, runoff, and leaching. Terrestrial field dissipation occurred with half-lives ranging from 22 to 126 days. Aminocyclopyrachlor was detected at soil depths of 70 – 90 cm at 365 days, indicating that leaching of residues into groundwater may occur.

I wonder if I should send a copy of this to DuPont? What don't they understand about being "highly mobile" in soils? That means it moves through soils, downward and laterally, very easily. That is why Starbuy had injury on his property because it moved off the target property onto his. I have seen and photographed many properties with injury far from the application site.
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