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[QUOTE=Tree Lover;4421246]Aircorp
Starbuy, do you have well water also? If so have you been using it over the past year.[/QUOTE

No, I use city water. But, our property and many others in my neighborhood that were impacted by Imprelis are adjacent to the Cuyahoga River in Ohio. Oh boy, this is going to turn into an even bigger mess. The EPA spent millions over the last few years improving the quality of this stretch of the river and they will be looking into this I'm sure.

Dupont will say that the chemical in Imprelis only affects the growth hormones of plants and therefore safe for animals and humans. But, anything that damages the things we eat; how does the molecular structure get altered when damaged by this chemical? They'll be a documentary coming on this fiasco, I assure you.

I'm grateful for Aircorps input on this thread. Please keep it up.
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