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Originally Posted by robertcoats View Post
The drive system in the Honda HRC216HXA is a shaft-drive, fully hydrostatic design.

The HRC216 features the GX160 engine and it has has a special Power-Take-Off that turns a rigid shaft and operates a pump inside the transmission. The pressure created is then modulated by the controls on the handlebar, and causes the rear shaft/wheels to turn. There are no belts or pulleys on the HRC216.

All other current Honda self-propelled mowers use a belt-drive design. Those with the SmartDRIVE controls use a cone-clutch, and will this year move to a slipping belt arrangement. Two of the HRX-series models use a hydrostatic-style transmission, and the third is SmartDRIVE.

I'll speculate that you have not seen a Nexite deck commercial model from Honda are probably:
• the commercial-grade hydrostatic transmission in the HRC won't fit the current Nexite deck
• the commercial-grade hydrostatic transmission requires a shaft-drive, which is not a feature of the GCV190 engine found on the other Nexite mowers.
I don't think any of the belt-drive transmissions are would pass Honda's commercial durability standards. Fine for homeowner use, of course.


Caveat: I work for Honda, but the preceding was my opinion alone.
Re: drive compatibility- what about a push commercial grade with a nexite deck:

At that time, someone in this thread mentioned Honda switching their commercial models to the Nexite decks too. Guess that didn't pan out. Would have been nice. Imagine how light their HRC push model could have been.
Or even a push HRX model, I'd like to see.
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