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Someone has asked me if I am an attorney? No, I'm not. I'm a plant scientist who has been working on investigations such as this since 1993. I was an expert witness in DuPont's Benlate issue from 1994 to 2000. I know a little bit about DuPont.

Yes, I am working or have worked for many attorneys and insurance companies evaluating Imprelis injury.

Yes, I have discovered new and more extensive damage this year on Imprelis properties, more than was listed on DuPont evaluations last year.

What I have seen in the DuPont resolution offers is pretty fair. I reommend you take it.

Yes, it probably is below what you could get if I were to analyse this for you. And I would consider all the hardwoods, shrubs, plants, turf, costs for fencing, erosion control, charcoal treatment, soil removal, in some cases complete removal of turf and soil where contamination is high, damage to driveways, sidewalks, fencing, septic systems, irrigation, underground dog fence, and on and on.

The additional 15% that DuPont offers may cover some of these expenses maybe all of them, maybe you'll have lots of additional money because they over pay you.

If I were your expert, I would measure the height of your trees using a laser devise very accurate, not just guess or take a photograph with a yard stick in the picture. I've checked some of DuPont's tree height measurements and found them to be off 4 to 8 feet, that could mean thousands of dollars just using the DuPont tree values. But, it might also mean the over estimate as well to your advantage. I know DuPont wants to be fair with you so, I believe they probably would over estimate to give you the advanage because they recognize the hardship they caused in your life when they dumped their toxin on your front yard.

But, if I were you, just take the DuPont settlement and be satisfied. You might have to wait for the attorneys to do their job and bring justice to this case. DuPont is going to send you a check, it's probably already in the mail.

The attorneys I work for are working for people who want justice and to send a message to DuPont that Americans are not going to be puppets or guinea pigs for DuPont. The people I work for a strong Americans with strong beliefs and defend our civil liberties. But it takes a special kind of American to stand up for their rights, the rights granted by our constitution, the rights that will keep America from having to experience this type of contamination in the future.

For those of you looking for a quick settlement, just sign off on your release and move on. DuPont will eventually send you a check. If more trees continue to die I'm sure DuPont's guarantee will provide you with economic compensation for your future loses. And those of your neighbors where the chemical ran off and damaged their property. I'm sure you all notified your neighbors to let them know what happened. I'm confident you did this.

And yes, those American lawyers have to charge a large fee and expenses to bring justice. And yes they all get real rich in the process. And yes, some property owners are willing to make sacrifices, to pay a little more, to give more of their time and money to make sure this does not happen to their children and grand children. Those are the people I am proud to say I work with. They put principal over profit.

And yes, expert witnesses, like myself, make money so we can buy cameras, laser measuring devices, computer systems, software, satellite images and software, vehicles, spend 8 months a year away from their family, miss their dogs, and birthdays, and holidays, trudge across miles of Imprelis impacted turf wondering if there will be future consequences to our health, be out in the snow and rain and cold and heat. Yep, we are all getting real rich off this process.

And NO, I'm not looking for any more work. I'm too busy as it is. So don't even ask.

My purpose here is to help you and to have you help me get data from resolution agreements on trees over 50 feet tall. That is my purpose.
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