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Aircorp, so I hope I understand you when you said in an earlier post that those who have trees under 20' to be careful about Dupont's offer because what you've seen in offers is too low. And, in your most recent post you mentioned accepting Dupont's offer, but I assume, taking into account your previous concern about low offers, that you are directing that to those with larger trees. Do I understand you correctly?

Also, how can anyone of us simply and blindly trust Dupont to send a check if we agree to an offer unless it is stipulated how long they have to send the check? A court would never allow an open ended payment for compensation since a losing defendent could stretch that time out forever. Sure, you could take them to court to get the money, but if you've already signed off on never suing them you're screwed.

And, as far as trusting the EPA scientists, how can we do that when they seem to have failed us taxpayers by allowing a product that kills trees and certain shrubs to be used by LCO's on residential properties? Maybe it wasn't the EPA scientistific research department that failed to make Dupont label correctly, but I'm sure you'll understand some of our frustrations concerning the EPA as well as Dupont. If the EPA does fine Dupont they should be made by Congress or the Justice department to give that money to those who've suffered loss. But, this will just be another windfall for government agencies. Sorry for my rant on government, it's not toward you and I really appreciate your input here. If I find out figures from those with 50' trees, I'll certainly let you know.
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