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Aircorp, have you done any site visits in Northeast Ohio and have you seen anyones first offers in Ohio? I know some who did not receive fair offers that would cover everything, but those were under 20' as you mentioned earlier. Like you said, there are many things that end up costing the homeowner more money in the digging, removal, replacement costs that don't get figured in unless someone sends back the rejection and includes those items in their demands. Have you seen any second offers from Dupont after property owners listed the additional damages, or are you only seeing their basic costs charts that they try to use? Sorry for the many questions. I realized when I read your first post you were working for law firms and therefore obviously the law firm's clients have left the Dupont Claims Process or were never a part of it to begin with. Have any of the attorneys you're gathering information for have clients who were trying Dupont's direct process but then gave up or are they ones who simply filed suit right away? I appreciate any input you feel you can give in a general way.
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