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Good morning.

Most of our clients have tried the DuPont process and became frustrated because DuPont wouldn't even return their calls. Secondly, those that counter claimed never heard back from DuPont. Can you imagine what would happen if DuPont paid even one counter claim? The entire USA would be counter claiming to get a fair and equitable settlement.

Yes, I have been in Marion, Ohio and eastern Indiana. Actually, last week I was in the Grand Lake area. I have also been in NJ, PA, MD, DC, OH, IN, IL, MI, MN, KY, KS, MO.

At 6:21am I got a call from Michigan. DuPont has sent a check and was received by a home owner for $7,000. The checks are in the mail like I said yesterday. Just wait.

Now, what does a home owner have do do with that money? There are people just waiting for those checks to hit the ground. They are waiting to sell services and plants. Chain saws will roar, prunning shears will clip, earth moving equipment will be digging holes, grass will be seeded, then the final bill will hit the home owner. But, it goes on, the injured trees get maintenance for the next two years, if you don't do the maintenance, and the tree dies, you don't get the tree replaced. If you don't carefully document the maintenance and keep all the receipts, you don't get the tree replaced.

The evaluation for those trees was done last year. Yes, a checkup by DuPont may have occurred this spring, but nothing changes unless it is to DuPont's advantage. So, from my observations, the majority of the injured trees scheduled for maintenance have further declined and probably should be replaced. What a mess.

Have a great day.
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