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Morning Aircorp,
you may have seen some of my pictures I posted early in this thread. We live in Wooster Ohio and have over 54 dying trees. 51 are White Pines and 3 are the Norway Spruce which you can see in my pics. are now dead. Our white pines have all curled and browned on the tops and throughout, much worse then when Dupont came to our site in August of 2011. I know Dupont made 3 site visits in our County and ours was one due to the amount of loss we have. My question to you is...have you seen this much damage to a home owner's property. I realize golf courses and housing developments have several trees but we live on 1 acre of land and all our trees wrap all the way around our property standing between 15 to 30 feet tall. We are also seeing brown and dying in our arborvitaes (have you seen them dying also?). Back to what I was asking...have you seen this much damage on one person's resident property? Do you think Dupont will take into consideration our entire property will be tore up to cut down and replant all 54 trees? We have not seen our proposal as of yet, I check the front porch daily. But from what you have heard and seen do you think with that many trees Dupont will be willing to compensate fairly a home owner? (since we are not a golf course or nusery or company)
Thanks for your time
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