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Originally Posted by AIRCORP View Post

Good morning.

Most of our clients have tried the DuPont process and became frustrated because DuPont wouldn't even return their calls. Secondly, those that counter claimed never heard back from DuPont. Can you imagine what would happen if DuPont paid even one counter claim? The entire USA would be counter claiming to get a fair and equitable settlement.
Thanks for your reply! Well, if Dupont doesn't offer a proper counterclaim to someone who clearly shows further damage and increased costs in their rejection letter to the first offer then it's off to court many more will go. I also heard that some have received the check from Dupont's offer, but other news outlets are reporting there are people who agreed to the lower first offers and yet still have not received any money nor contact from Dupont and it has been months. Have you seen anyone's offer from Dupont and if so does it have any reference to how much time the claimant must wait for the compensation check if they approve the offer? If there's no time limit given in the agreement then it is a legal open ended offer and I will never agree to anything like that. I can't go by hope and hearing that some have received the check I have to have it in writing.

It seems I maybe one of the ones who really cares enough and knows the value of my loss enough that I may have to go the way of the courts to be fully compensated. I'm in this direct compensation process and I'll give it a chance first. The longer Dupont drags this out the higher the compensation they must pay goes, so we'll see what happens.

Also, am I correct in believing that the 2 year maintenance applies to those who agree to use Dupont's contracted folks and not to those who demand all compensation be paid directly to the property owner and none to third parties? Then it's up to the property owner to use the money to hire who they want whether it's removal, replacement, maintenance... I was told this by a Dupont rep concerning how they will handle my claim and that if I agree to the offer they'll just cut a check for everything (and be done with me).

I understand some cities who've had damage are dealing with this same issue and wanting all compensation including removal to be paid to them and no third party. I asked Dupont and they said, yes, you can put that in your rejection letter and "of course it is your right to hire who you want to come onto your property, you don't have to use the LCO for removal even if that LCO used the option 1 forms."
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