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So many questions.
1. Yes, I've been on homes that look like napalm was dropped. And yes, much more damage than yours. You can't believe the high end properties that used this product.

2. Arbs are toast in many places. I've seen over 300 arbs on just one property. They tried to cut them in half to get rid of the top death and destruction. Well, now they have half of death and destruction this year.
3. Check your maples and oaks. Look for odd shaped leaves with cupping and stretching. How do you post photographs on this site? I can show you what I have been seeing here in Missouri and Michigan.
4. Lilacs, rose of sharon, rhododendron, hydrangea, and other shrubs are dead or dying. You may find spider mites, aphids etc. attacking your plants and you say to yourself that the "bugs" are killing my trees. No, they are just cleaning up the mess, evolution, survival of the fittest, the bugs and disease attack weak plants.
5. DuPont adds on 15% for other things such as replacing your turf etc. If you have to resod your lawn, fix ruts etc. one should consider about $15/sq yard because of all the labor and materials. You can reseed, but many of the properties I've been on find that seed may not germinate or when it does it curls up and dies. Ask DuPont what kind of grass seed they recommend for replanting.
6. You are lucky you don't have irrigation in your yard.

Hope this answers your questions.
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